This is a LIVE 2 hour interactive workshop, where, in a group setting, we'll map out your entire YouTube channel's content strategy

This workshop is for you if:

  • you struggle to get views on your current videos
  • you want to reach the RIGHT audience who'll want to work with you
  • you're having trouble starting a channel because you're not sure what topics to tackle
  • you're unsure how to word your video titles in a way that makes them stand out and grab attention
  • you have topics in mind, but aren't sure how to attract clients using them
  • you don't a have a clear path to using YouTube to attract clients and customers

Inside this live workshop, with my help, you'll map out video topics that will:

  1. Position you as the go-to authority in your space
  2. Build trust with your audience
  3. Encourage binge-watching behaviour on your channel
  4. Show you as a credible expert with practical solutions
  5. Show people a way to work with you as the next logical step

Limited Seats - First Come Basis

Thursday, Oct 21st 2021 at 9am EST

By the end of this live training, you'll walk away with:

  • 30-50 Video Topics (not just ideas) that position you as the solution your audience is searching for
  • The PROBLEM-SOLUTION MATRIX for segmenting your videos into playlists and themes, so viewers immediately get what your channel is about
  • My EMOTIONAL INDEX for tapping into the emotions that make people click, watch and trust you
  • A powerful tool that will make brainstorming hundreds of topics as easy as pie
  • My personal insights into your YouTube channel and it's content strategy


  • This workshop will take place LIVE on Thursday, October 21st, 2021 at 9am EST via Zoom.
  • The live workshop is hosted by Salma Jafri.
  • This live workshop will start at the top of the hour exactly and is 2 hours in duration. Please respect everyone's time.
  • Please join the workshop from desktop/laptop/tablet and not mobile device as you will not be able to see shared screen and trainings properly.
  • If this will be your first time using Zoom, please ensure you've installed the software on your system
  • Please check your audio/video settings before joining and confirm they are working
  • This live workshop will be recorded and the replay will be shared with all participants