The YouTube for Business Membership is PERFECT for you if you're looking for support, community and accountability on your journey to building a thriving business using YouTube and video marketing.

I created YouTube for Business because

....I saw that many people either don't start creating videos or start but never really commit to getting results.

And the biggest reason most people don't create consistently is because they are not seeing any returns on their effort.

Anyone would give up on something

if they don't see it going anywhere!

I believe in 2 things:

- seeing results early on keeps you motivated to keep going, and

- doing what you love keeps you engaged & focused

That's what YouTube Intensive is all about. Inside this program, we'll follow an income-first approach to building a channel and a business that supports your successful life.

In YouTube Intensive you won't just be learning about YouTube, the platform; you'll be learning the skills of creating, communicating, and thriving with video.

You'll be learning how to share your ideas in a way that inspires others.

You'll be helping yourself by helping others.

YouTube for Business (Membership)

The Membership details are as follows:

  • You can choose to join the Membership Monthly or Annually
  • Whether you join monthly or annually, please note there will be a minimum of 45 coaching sessions for the year (with no coaching calls 7 weeks out of the year). These are pre-announced.
  • Membership will include weekly 60 min calls hosted by Salma
  • Membership calls take place on Monday at 9am EST
  • All calls are hosted via Zoom
  • The Membership calls will have specific topics and trainings as well as Q&A
  • Each month, there will be a theme to focus on for the Membership call
  • As always, if you can't attend a call live, and are a paying member, you will have access to the replays.

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